Storm Photo

Welcome citizen scientists

The goal of stormphoto is to get the help of citizen scientists like yourself, to document flooding events from Imperial Beach in San Diego county to Point Conception.

Anyone can participate and no registration is required.

As we gather observations we will post them here:
Please check back periodically as this project progresses.


Observations are submitted by sending an email (not text) to We expect participants to use their cell phones to submit written notes and full quality photos. Cell phones with location services turned on will contain within them GPS location data which is vital for this project.


  • Become your favorite detective. Put on your "thinking cap" and use all of your senses.
  • Make written notes of what you observe. These notes are the primary observation. Backup your specific observation with a full quality, well framed photo taken by your cell phone. Submit your notes and photos in an email to If you have more than 10 MB of photos, send them in subsequent emails. However, we do not want a plethora of photos to sift through. Carefully frame your shots to make sure the photo backs up what you have noted.
  • It is unlikely that you will observe a flooding event at its peak. Therefore, try to determine what has happened by examining the available evidence. Look for evidence to determine the breadth and depth of the flooding. Use that "thinking cap" and all of your senses as necessary.
  • Finally, try to summarize what you have observed as mild flooding, moderate flooding or severe flooding. This might help you to take another look at the evidence, or look for more evidence, to decide for yourself which category the event falls under.


Mission Beach Dec 12, 2015 9:42am.


Moderate flooding Highway 101 Solana Beach on Feb 28, 2010 9:00am PST

La Jolla Marine Room, Nov 24, 2015

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